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Vapor Barrier

Our product provides proven vapor barrier performance while minimizing the steps in a home-building process. It meets ASTM E 96 Dry Cup HUD method requirements – Third-party certified by NTA, Inc.

Proven Performance

  • Environmentally friendly formula with low VOC
  • Anti-sag properties
  • Finishes like paint
  • Smooth finish
  • Superior wet scrub
  • High-moisture resistant
  • Bright white color with enhanced coverage
  • Superior hiding
  • Improves throughput rates
  • Higher yield performance – get more with less
  • Fast-drying – increase speed of operations

Customer Service

Instead of working to get the attention of a volume-driven adhesives vendor, when you work with Sonoco you’ll gain quick access to our technology, including machinery and paper manufacturing, paper converting and packaging development and testing.

Customized Solutions

Form a strong bond with a company that has more than 70 years of adhesives expertise and the technology to engineer an adhesive solution tailored to your needs to work better and more consistently for you and your customers. 

See what Sonoco can do for your business.