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Frozen Foods

Sonoco offers a suite of frozen food packaging designed to protect a variety of foods and offer consumers convenience—from bags for flash-frozen produce, to frozen dinner trays that withstand not only the freezer, but also the microwave or oven.

Food packaging, from -40 to 400 degrees.

Sonoco has years of experience in the frozen foods arena, packaging everything from flash-frozen fruit to frozen dinners. We understand the unique challenges and needs that frozen food brands face. 

  • Thermoformed Trays & Membranes
  • Flexible Bags
  • Plastic Tubs
  • Rigid Paper Containers
  • Ovenable Packaging

Thermoformed Trays & Membranes

Sonoco Plastics partners with many of the world's largest food brands in the consumer packaged goods and food service industries to provide thermoformed trays and bowls that meet unique requirements and high standards. Our polypropylene and CPET trays protect food from freezing temperatures to the heat of the microwave.

Two black CPET frozen meal trays with food and a clean lidding film over the top

Flexible Packaging

The frozen foods category remains strong given an increased focus on higher quality products as well as increased variety. In addition to more traditional frozen fruits and vegetables, you can now find a variety of ready meals, ice cream and other novelty products. To match the diverse offerings in the frozen section, we have developed a diverse range of packaging options and capabilities that include:

  • A portfolio of pre-made pouches, pre-made bags, and rollstock in various formulations, with specific barrier properties
  • Steam-in-bag technology for added consumer convenience
  • Materials that can withstand freezing temperatures, preserving product quality and integrity
Frozen foods bags and pouches of varying types including a frozen veggie pillow bag and a stand up pouch of frozen berries.

Plastic Tubs

Sonoco’s plastic tubs offer a packaging solution for ice cream that stands out on the shelf. We now offer a new barrier injection-molded packaging solution for extended shelf life, available in a wide variety of shapes, including nestable options for efficient transport.

Barrier IML packaging combines robust product protection with trendsetting shelf appeal through eye-catching, full-body graphics. It offers a cost-effective alternative to metal and glass, and it provides a better moisture barrier than traditional multi-layer plastic packaging in a thin-walled package. Durable and lightweight, it's compatible with retort, hot-fill or gas-flush filling systems.

Clear injection molded ice cream container with a top IML label that says Lola's

Rigid Paper Containers

Whether you’re selling your ice cream in single-serve sizes, pints, quarts or even bulk drums, Sonoco’s rigid paperboard packaging is an effective and eye-catching solution. We have decades of experience packaging ice cream for high-end brands as well as for bulk wholesale applications.

Hand reaching into freezer holding paper ice cream carton


Made from 100% renewable resources that include locally-sourced sugarcane fiber, Natrellis bowls and trays are a natural, sustainable packaging option for chilled and frozen ready meals.

  • Dual ovenable
  • Rigid and flexible lidding options
  • Engineered as a drop-in solution to most lines
Natrellis container with food

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