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Hinged & Lidded Containers

More and more, shoppers are seeking food that's fresh, natural and healthy. Showcase your produce quality with Sonoco's portfolio of hinged and lidded containers, ranging from berry clamshells to salad tubs to egg cartons.

Tailored to Your Needs

Sonoco offers a broad portfolio of innovative packaging solutions tailored to the needs of the produce, bakery and deli markets - integrated with the technical innovations Sonoco has delivered over more than a century of packaging. See what we can do for your product today.

Markets We Serve


Showcase the quality of your produce with our portfolio of produce solutions, ranging from berry clamshells to salad tubs to pillow bags for greens.

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Fresh & Natural Foods

As demand for produce grows and eating habits change, we're helping you deliver better packaging to provide a better experience.

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Food Service & Deli

We offer a portfolio of food service and deli packaging—trays, lidding, pouches, tubs and paper containers for all kinds of ingredients and foods.

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Give your packaging a fresh start.

With the recent acquisitions of three leaders in the produce industry, Highland Packaging Solutions, Peninsula Packaging and Clear Lam, Sonoco now offers a broad portfolio of innovative packaging solutions tailored to the needs of the produce, bakery and deli markets – integrated with the technical innovations Sonoco has developed over more than a century of packaging development. 

Our packaging is made in the USA with recycled PET drink bottles, and it meets international resin codes and the sustainable packaging requirements of most major retailers.

  • Fresh Fruit Clamshells
  • Salad Containers
  • Bakery Containers
  • Egg Cartons

Fresh Fruit Clamshells

Display your fruit’s freshness and quality with our packaging, available in sizes ranging from snack-size samplers to bulk trays.

Our fruit packaging offers:

  • Side-slot, top and bottom hole vents for fast cool-down
  • Insertable tubs and lids for volume weight adjustability
  • Denesting lugs for easy separation
  • Available in multiple footprints

Sales Sheets

Find detailed information about our blueberry, strawberry, and cherry containers in our sales sheets.

Salad Containers

Protect delicate greens with Sonoco’s lidded salad containers. Our extensive range of PET salad containers offers a variety of choices:

  • Sealed film or rigid plastic lidding
  • Standard, family or single-serve portions
  • Tamper evidence designs available
Hinged Salad Container

Bakery Containers

Make sure your baked goods signal premium indulgence with Sonoco’s line of bakery packaging.

Designed for freshness, Sonoco’s bakery containers feature:

  • Air-tightness with a passive vent
  • Secure “dog bone” pin locks
  • Self-aligning locking pins
  • Denesting lugs for easy separation
  • Available in multiple footprints
Hinged Bakery Container

Egg Cartons

Our egg carton portfolio is a part of our recent acquisition of Highland Packaging Solutions. We manufacture a variety of solutions including:

  • 12-count jumbo egg carton
  • 12-count standard egg carton
  • 12-count super jumbo egg carton
  • 18-count standard egg carton
  • 24-count standard egg carton
  • 6-count jumbo egg carton
  • 6-count standard egg carton
Clear Egg Carton

Top Seal Lidded Trays & Bowls

Consumers want packaging solutions that offer transparency and convenience. Our Top Seal produce package highlights the quality and freshness of your product with high-quality PET, and optional integrated film lidding options offer consumers the added convenience of easy-open and reseal technologies. They are designed with a built-in flange to accept decorative top-seal films. Side venting is available to promote cooling, moisture management and freshness.

SmartSeal® Easy-open & Reclose Systems

Top Seal produce containers are now available with Sonoco's SmartSeal® peel-and-reseal technology, which features a patented precision-scored easy-open and re-close feature. Make it easy for consumers to use, reseal and reuse their produce with the convenience of SmartSeal® technology, which also allows for tamper evidence and high-impact graphics.

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Our catalog of hinged and lidded containers is available online.

Or, search our catalog of products offered by newly acquired Highland Packaging Solutions.

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