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Rollstock Packaging Formats

We offer a variety of rollstock formats to account for existing equipment, merchandising, material preferences, sustainability needs and more. Rollstock can be used for all types of food packaging for vertical or horizontal form-fill-seal applications.

Format Your Marketability

As a leader in complex laminations, Sonoco offers rollstock for use in pouches to pillow bags, stand up bags to sachets, vertical form-fill-seal to horizontal flow wrap. We combine years of material science and application expertise to make flexible packaging that fits in your operation while offering maximum display impact with available environmental benefits too! See a sampling of our offerings, below.

Rollstock Packaging Format Options

  • Available Formats
  • Retort / Liquid Packaging
  • PromoPeel®
  • Fitments & Closures
  • EnviroFlex®

Available Formats

We apply our application expertise and knowledge of material science to develop rollstocks that work in a variety of formats including:

  • Pouches with a variety of printing finishes and closures
  • Vertical Form Fill Seal (VFFS) such as pillow bags and quad-seal bags
  • Horizontal Form Fill Seal (HFFS) including stand-up bags and flow wrap
  • Lidding and Portion Control, such as sachets or stick packs
Flexible rollstock pouches, bags, flow wrap, lidding and stick packs

Retort / Liquid Packaging

Our rollstocks are engineered to deliver operational performance and speed in all types of vertical form-fill-seal equipment for hot fill and liquid foods such as sauces, purees, and condiments. Available printed or unprinted with a variety of barrier options based on food type.

Group of pouches


Sonoco's PromoPeel® integrated label technology enhances your brand and message while saving you production time and cost. PromoPeel technology can replace costly and inefficient pressure sensitive labels (PSLs) and can be used for coupons, contests, cross-promotions and much more.


  • Is it Time to Discount the Effectiveness of Couponing? Maybe NOT
PromoPeel jerky packaging

Fitments & Closures

Closures provide the convenience and functionality consumers look for, so we offer a full range of closure options from standard press-to-close zippers and sliders to several patented re-sealables. Applications include pet care, infant and toddler foods, liquid foods and condiments, snacks and confections, and coffee.

Case Study: 

  • Sonoco Solves Club Store Packaging Issues with Custom PET Tray Design
Inverted pouch mayonnaise


Part of our EnviroSense family of sustainable packaging solutions, EnviroFlex® offers rollstock and pre-made pouches that are either made with post-consumer recycled content or designed for recycling post use. EnviroFlex® pouches are well suited for food and non-food applications including cookies and crackers, snacks and confections, dry/dehydrated foods and mixes, pet treats, personal care items and more.

EnviroFlex PE pouches

Markets That Can Benefit From Using Rollstock

Beauty & Personal Care

Enhance the shelf appeal of your personal care packaging, stand out from the competition and meet your brand’s sustainability goals with Sonoco.

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Get eye-catching coffee packages that offer product protection, extended shelf life, improved sustainability and consumer convenience.

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Electronics & Appliances

We offer extra protection for electronic products—accounting for g-force, vibration and impact while meeting your packing and unpacking needs.

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Food & Powdered Beverage

We offer solutions for all types of food and beverage packaging—from paperboard to renewable fiber to flexible plastic. 

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Fresh & Natural Foods

As demand for produce grows and eating habits change, we're helping you deliver better packaging to provide a better experience.

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Frozen Foods

Our frozen foods packaging ranges from bags for flash-frozen produce to frozen dinner trays designed for the freezer, microwave and oven.

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Sonoco provides expertise in household products like tissues, towels and pet food. Trust our packaging to serve your customers' needs around the house.

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Infant & Toddler Needs

A global supplier of infant formula and baby/toddler food packaging to many major CPG's, Sonoco helps brands communicate reliability and quality.

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Pet Care

Your customer's pets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. Fortunately, so does our packaging.

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Showcase the quality of your produce with our portfolio of produce solutions, ranging from berry clamshells to salad tubs to pillow bags for greens.

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Snacks & Confections

Whether you’re packing chips or nuts, cookies or candy, trail mix or cereal, our packaging can be tailored to fit your product and process.

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Rollstock Packaging Formats

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