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Non-Food Package Lid Films

For consumer packaging of non-food items placed in rigid trays such as household or personal care wipes, batteries, small electronics, or utensils. Full range of options available for materials and machinery compatibility.

Flexible lidding for consumer product packaging

For rigid package applications that don’t involve food, we offer a broad portfolio of lid films that provides convenience, sealability, and functionality. Learn more about our options below:

Non-Food Package Lidding Options

  • Beauty and Personal Care
  • Electronics
  • Household
  • Material Options
  • Machine Compatibility

Beauty and Personal Care Package Lid Films

Tray/lid packaging for personal care products helps balance operational needs with more downstream considerations such as distribution, branding and merchandising. Easy to open and lighter in weight than traditional blister packs.

Personal Care Package Lid Films

Electronics Package Lid Films

Tray lidding for batteries or small electronics offer improved stacking and lower weight compared to cardboard blister packs and still offer merchandising features, hi-impact graphics for brand and positioning, and easy opening for consumers.

Battery tray with lidding film

Household Package Lid Films

Tray/lid options that help protect pre-moistened wipes and cleaning pads, while offering stackability on shelf and at home. Hi-impact graphics as well as easy opening and resealability for consumers.

Household Package Lid Films

Non-Food Package Lid Film Material Options

Our non-food lidding portfolio includes printed or unprinted laminates containing foil, PP, PE, PET, or even mono-layer structures with a heat seal coating. Other available properties include anti-fog, resealability, and a range of opacities.

Wipes container with plastic lid

Non-Food Package Lid Film Machine Compatibility

Whether your equipment is semi or fully automatic, or your material needs to be clear, printed, or foil, Sonoco has the technical experience and know-how to ensure reliable and durable sealing. Our equipment-neutral position focuses on drop-in solutions so you're up and running efficiently, and cost-effectively. 

Peel Reseal wipes

Markets That Can Benefit from Non-Food Package Lid Film

Beauty & Personal Care

Enhance the shelf appeal of your personal care packaging, stand out from the competition and meet your brand’s sustainability goals with Sonoco.

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Electronics & Appliances

We offer extra protection for electronic products—accounting for g-force, vibration and impact while meeting your packing and unpacking needs.

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We offer temperature assurance packaging, clean rooms certified to package Class 3 medical device and displays for over-the-counter solutions. 

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Non-Food Package Lid Film

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