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Rigid Paper Containers

If you're looking for iconic packaging that stands out in the crowd, our rigid paper container may be just what you're searching for. Round and shaped rigid paper packaging delivers brand personality, product performance and protection, and cost advantages, all while supporting sustainability goals.

Sonoco's Paper Container: The Total Package

When it comes to choosing the right package, certain elements must come together: functionality, shelf appeal, and product protection. The paper container has all of those, delivering an easy-to-stack, easy-to-store rigid format that protects the products inside--from oats to frozen juice to baby formula--while giving a natural kraft, premium metallic, or colorful and interactive display on shelf. And at Sonoco, we can deliver the whole solution, from the metal ends and membranes, to the can body, to the graphic development for the label.

Numerous Applications. Multiple Names.

  • Paper Container
  • Paper Canister

Connecting Insights to Innovation

Paper containers are proven attention-getters on the shelf, and the safe-to-open, easy-to-close lid inspires subsequent purchases in a majority of consumers.

  • Premium Packaging
  • Convenient Volume Changes
  • Environmentally Responsible
  • Ultimate Product Protection

Premium Packaging

With increasing attention to the quality of ingredients, the origins of our food, and the availability of specialty products from around the world, premium packaging has grown in relevance on shelf. From packaging confectionary gift boxes, to protecting the highest quality wine and spirits, the rigid paper container uses foil and matte finishes as well as gold-coated, embossed and engraved ends to deliver a premium presentation.

Premium Packaging

Convenient Volume Changes

From small 'on-the-go' cans that fit in a cupholder or handbag, to seasonal increased volume promotions, it's easy to change heights and diameters with the round rigid paper container--and virtually free.

Convenient Volume Changes

Environmentally Responsible

We're proud of how environmentally responsible our paper container is.

  • Its body is made of 100% recycled fiber.
  • It helps reduce food waste by protecting its content efficiently.
  • It weighs less than a comparable metal can.

We can help you meet your sustainability goals, too! Our EnviroCan™ container body is made of 100% recycled fiber, of which 90% comes from post-consumer resources.

Environmentally Responsible

Ultimate Product Protection

With the rise of e-commerce and the increasing distances packaging must travel to land on consumers' doorsteps, our job is to ensure that the product you place in our cans makes it safely to its destination, whether that be a store shelf or a doormat.

We've used Amazon's recognized e-commerce testing and ship test data to prove that our paperboard body withstands denting better than the metal can and shows equal resistance to damage in your online box order.

And we'll customize your can construction to make sure the barrier is exactly what you need--no less, no more--to keep the quality of your product intact without incurring any unnecessary expenses.

Ultimate Product Protection

Consumer Insights


“It is easy to open, stacks well in cupboards, and keeps food fresh. Also, if I drop the package, it stays closed.”


“When transporting food items from the market, I can trust that the food won't be damaged. It is resealable so I don't have to worry about repackaging after opening. I believe it stays fresh longer.”


“For snack items, I think it's convenient and a reliable form of packaging.”


“I would choose this type of packaging, because I love that it is in a container that reseals the food for me, so I don't have to find another container or bag for the food inside. Really convenient.”

Success Stories

Gialousis Gourmet Hot Chocolate Mix

Rebranding a Gourmet B2C.

Tribe Hummus

Designing an on-the-go solution for Tribe Hummus.

Pooch & Mutt

Meeting the supply chain and manufacturing needs of a premium British dog health brand.

Shmoo Beverages

Presenting a more vibrant, eyecatching product for a confectionary brand.

Flexible Shaker Tops

Elevating branding opportunities for companies while adding convenience and innovation for low-barrier products.

Printed/Registered Membrane

Capture consumers’ attention and boost sales with a promotional tool that is sure to get people excited.


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