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Retail Package Lid Films

A range of material and performance options along with drop-in compatibility for a number of applications including for consumer packaging of dairy, chilled, and dry or dehydrated foods.

Get to know our lid film portfolio for retail packaging

With our exceptional materials expertise and application knowledge, Sonoco is the ideal partner to help you create packaging that preserves freshness, while demonstrating the safety and quality of your products on the retail shelf. Learn more about our portfolio below:

Retail Lidding Options

  • Dairy Food
  • Chilled Food
  • Dry/Dehydrated Food
  • Retort
  • Machine Compatibility

Dairy Food Package Lid Films

Our portfolio of retail dairy lidding includes mPET, foil, and PET laminates for the right performance and sealability to PP, HDPE, and HIPS. Design and technical resources available to help you select the right film for any container.

Dairy containers with lid films

Chilled Food Package Lid Films

Common chilled applications include dips, soups, pre-made salads, and side dishes. Materials for these applications include PET and PP. Design and technical resources available to help you select the right film for any container. 

Salsa, guacamole and macaroni containers with lid films

Dry/Dehydrated Food Package Lid Films

Common dry good applications include instant hot or cold cereals, instant soups and potatoes, noodles and other pasta. Lid films for dry foods are typically PET, mPET, foil, and other laminates. Design and technical resources available to help you select the right film for any container. 

Dry food packages with lid films

Retort Food Package Lid Film Material Options

Sonoco's high-barrier retort lidding film is suitable for a wide range of ready-to-eat food products. Microwavable, gravure printed, and foil-based, our films seal efficiently to all sizes of PP trays, plates and bowls.

Pet food trays with lid films

Retail Food Package Lid Film Machine Compatibility

Whether your equipment  is semi or fully automatic, or your material needs to be clear, printed, or foil, Sonoco has the technical experience and know-how to ensure reliable and durable sealing. Our equipment-neutral position focuses on drop-in solutions so you're up and running efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Parmesan cheese tray with lid films

Markets That Can Benefit from Retail Package Lid Film

Frozen Foods

Our frozen foods packaging ranges from bags for flash-frozen produce to frozen dinner trays designed for the freezer, microwave and oven.

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Snacks & Confections

Whether you’re packing chips or nuts, cookies or candy, trail mix or cereal, our packaging can be tailored to fit your product and process.

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Pet Care

Your customer's pets come in all shapes, sizes, colors and abilities. Fortunately, so does our packaging.

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Retail Food Package Lid Films

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