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Sustana, Kellogg’s and Sonoco are pulping up the volume by proving paper containers can be successfully processed in the paper stream. This means a decreased impact to landfill and a circular solution that enables us to source raw materials responsibly.

Scott Byrne, Director, Global Sustainability Services

Packaging that Protects and Preserves Our Planet

Made with Recycled, Recyclable and Renewable Paper Fibers

In 2021 Sonoco’s European team partnered with a local snack manufacturer to bring a more sustainable paper can solution to the snacking market, utilizing our EnviroCan™ PB container. Watch the video to learn more about this project.

  • Sonoco’s European team is proud to have five locations with FSC certifications – Balsareny, Habsheim, Hockenheim, Lübeck and Montanay locations are certified as of 2021. These facilities also undergo additional rigorous testing such as ISO quality, FSSC food safety and DIN EN energy management.

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  • Sonoco’s Sungai Buloh plant in Malaysia received its FSC certification in 2021. As a leader in consumer packaging for the Asian market, this high achievement sets our paper container facility apart.

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Committed to Globally Recognizable Certifications

FlexSHIELD™ Paperboard Barrier Coating

Compostable Takeout Containers that Don’t Crack Under Pressure

FlexSHIELD™ is the first fully compostable, recyclable and repulpable product that provides polyethylene-like protection at an economical price point. FlexSHIELD won’t crack in scores and folds, protecting containers against water, oil, grease, sauces and toppings, ultimately preventing leaks, stains and spills.

FlexSHIELD is certified compostable by BNQ using ASTM methods, meeting the toughest international standards of environmental excellence.

Takeout containers coated with FlexSHIELD
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