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Steel Reels

Delivering the strength and durability of steel for shipping, heavy-duty processing, and wire and cable applications.

Flexing to meet your needs.

When you need the strength and durability of a steel reel, Sonoco has the product for you.

Whether you need a tubular reel for lightweight shipping of pipe or conduit, a custom-designed process reel for take-up and take-off solutions in heavy-duty processing industries, or a corrugated steel reusable design for wire and cable applications, our line of steel reels is tailored to satisfy your unique needs.

For customer service, call 800-633-3962 (U.S.) or 256-751-1092 (outside the U.S.). 

  • Tubular Steel Reels
  • Corrugated Steel Reels

Tubular Steel Reels


  • Durable tubular steel flanges and drum
  • Sturdy locking pins on modular, knock-down designs secure detachable flange


Coil spear
Coil storage rack
Coil cradle

Corrugated Steel Reels

Industry leading corrugated steel reels, with a reusable design for heavy-duty wire and cable applications. Flanges with diameters ranging from 30” to 160” (762 mm to 4064 mm). We no longer offer the service of returning and refurbishing steel reels.


  • Rims of flat bar or I-beam
  • Fabricated from commercial quality hot-rolled steel sheet and bar
  • Finished with an environmentally safe, high-pressure hot phosphate wash

Process Options

X-bracing inside drum
Continuous hub
Back plates on cross members
Extra heavy-duty construction for in-process use

Markets We Serve

Power Transmission, Control and Distribution


Oil, Gas and Marine


Elevator Cables

See what Sonoco can do for your business.